RCI — Bounty campaign
There are two ways to participate in our Bounty program and get rewarded. The first one is Referral promotion program and the second one is Content & Social Networks promotion program. These ways could be combined i.e. you can put your personal referral links in your content and double your rewards.

Token allocation
Total of 10,000,000 tokens worth of $5,000,000 are allocated for the RCI Bounty program. 60% of the RCI Bounty tokens are reserved for the Referral promotion and 40% are reserved for the Content & Social Networks promotion programs.

These numbers are subject to change if there are any disproportions in Bounty program participants, while it is running.

Tokens, not stakes?
Yes, you will receive equal rewards for your activity despite total number of participants in certain program. This is a great difference with stakes model, where each new participant decreases reward. However, participants that join later will receive less or even nothing if the program cap has been reached already.

How to apply?
Register here, activate your account and follow to the Cabinet - Bounty area. There is a form where you can submit your links. Please, pay attention and choose correct types of campaign when submitting, wrong links will be rejected.

Campaign General rules
1. Bounty campaign starts on March 7, 2018 and ends on May 20, 2018. Counting awards for the bounty campaign is made until June 3, 2018. If there are any changes in the RCI ICO duration, terms will move accordingly.
2. The links must be submitted as soon as possible. Links submitted after the program cap has been reached will not be accepted.
3. Any kind of offensive or inadequate behavior when promoting the RCI ICO will result in immediate disqualification from the bounty campaign.
4. The Bounty Manager and the Team reserve their right to make changes to the terms in any moment, their decisions are final.
5. SPAM is not allowed!
6. The RCI Team makes the quality assessment of the submitted content at their discretion. Please do not film videos using Nokia 3310.
7. Only unique content is permitted.
8. The blog or channel should exist for at least 3 month.
9. The blog text must be applicable for indexing by search engines, private boards and closed groups are not counted.
10. Blog posts can be submitted in any language and be translatable to English by Google Translate.
11. Accounts, pages, and groups with fake followers will be disqualified or the reward will be reduced accordingly.
12. Posts, tweets, videos, and blog posts must exist until the last day of the Bounty campaign. Deleted posts and suspended accounts will not be counted.

RCI — Referral promotion program
It is very simple. When you attract a new participant via your unique referral link and this new member buys tokens both of you receive a bonus of 3% the tokens purchased. Once you have registered, you will find your personal referral link in your Cabinet - Referral area.

RCI — Content & Social Networks promotion programs
You can see from the title what this program consists of.

Firstly, we are interested in quality promotional content like video reviews, comprehensive articles, explanatory posts and long tweets (for example, image tweets) which carefully describes benefits of our ICO. 2,400,000 tokens worth of $1,200,000 are reserved for Content promotion program.

Secondly, we need those who can spread our words through Facebook and Twitter by re-posting and re-tweeting our own videos, articles, posts, and tweets. Total reward for Social Networks promotion program is 1,600,000 tokens worth of $800,000.

RCI — Content promotion program requirements
General rules
Audience of the blog, channel, groups in social networks — at least 1,000 followers. The number of followers must be visible.

Blog posts
Number of words in a blog post must exceed 500, the post must contain at least 1 promotional image (provided below), a link to the RCI Website and also the #RCIICO hashtag where hashtags are possible.

1. The duration of the video or the duration of the part of the video dedicated to the RCI ICO must be at least 3 minute.
2. Video must contain a link to the RCI Website in the description and in the annotations (final screen).

RCI — Content promotion program rewards
1. Post to blog on a blog platform or social network — 5,000 RCI ($2,500).
2. Video review with a link to the RCI Website in annotations — 10,000 RCI ($5,000).

RCI — Social Networks promotion program requirements
Facebook / Twitter / VK campaign
1. Audience of the personal page or group — at least 1,000 friends/followers.
2. There is no minimal number of words in a post, but the post must contain at least 1 promotional image (provided below), a link to the RCI Website and the #RCIICO hashtag
3. Participant must join the RCI official Facebook/Twitter/VK group or account.
4. During the Bounty campaign a participant must make at least 10 reposts of the RCI official account's postings and write 10 posts about the RCI ICO (+ link + hashtag + banner)
5. Only 1 post + 1 repost from 1 program participant per day per Social Network are allowed.
6. If certain Social Network does not allow you to create (re)post with our main website address, use RCITOKEN.COM.

RCI — Social Networks promotion program rewards
One post or repost with information about the RCI ICO — 10 RCI ($5) for each 1,000 friends (followers).

RCI — Social Networks — Groups Admins special offer
Your group must have at least 10,000 members (followers).
Sticky post or banner with a link to the RCI Website and with information about the RCI ICO for 1 month3,000 RCI ($1,500) for each 10,000 members (followers).

Promotional images and banners
Facebook post images: Download (15 Mb)
Twitter post images: Download (11 Mb)
Miscellaneous static and animated images: Download (2.65 Mb)

When tokens will be distrubuted?
Tokens will be distributed to investors and Bounty program participants within 2 weeks after the RCI ICO has finished.


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